At What Age Do People Get Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow most commonly affects men and women between the ages of 30 and 50. This condition does not affect only tennis players but potentially anyone who overuses their elbow’s muscles and tendons due to repetitive arm movements.

What Happens If Tennis Elbow Is Left Untreated?

Without treatment, tennis elbow can develop into a chronic condition over time, particularly if one continues to engage in repetitive arm activities that aggravate the condition. In serious cases, nerve entrapment may occur in the forearm. This is why it is so important to seek help from a tennis elbow doctor in Singapore for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What Movements Should I Avoid with Tennis Elbow?

When recovering from tennis elbow, it is advised to refrain from repetitive arm motions such as exercising, cooking, painting, excessive computer use and so on.

Is It Better to Apply Heat or Cold Therapy on Tennis Elbow?

Applying a heat compress is more effective than a cold compress for elbow pain treatment as it promotes blood circulation in the body through relaxation and expansion of the muscles. This also strengthens the healing process and contributes to faster elbow pain relief.

Does Tennis Elbow Go Away On Its Own?

Tennis elbow can usually improve on its own without treatment. However, in more serious cases, it is best to seek medical attention for appropriate evaluation and treatment.

Does Elbow Tennis Show Up on X-ray?

The diagnosis of tennis elbow can usually be made based solely on a physical examination. An X-ray does not identify the tendons in the elbow. However, tennis elbow doctors in Singapore may request for an elbow X-ray to determine whether there is a fracture, dislocated joint, or an underlying condition such as arthritis that may be causing the pain instead.

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